Samyakth Capital
Mumbai based Micro VC. Seed investors in @BharatPe, @Dukaan, @GetVantage and 50 other. All things Fintech

FinTech has evolved well beyond simply automating the delivery and consumption of financial services. The companies are striving hard to innovate in every sector of finance, from payments to credit and stock trading to now DeFi, OpFi and Web 3.0.

Ironically, when the world is looking at such mind boggling…

The Beeple NFT which was sold for USD 69 MN

The birth of Rock & Roll was a cultural flashpoint, wasn’t it?

A loud, swashbuckling, and above all, intense form of music that had anyone who wasn’t in on it wondering;

“Do we even know what music really is anymore?”

Take that same amazement, disbelief, and most important of all…

Samyakth Capital

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